Full Version: 'From e-mail' field in workflow not respected
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This is a custom workflow task from PDFMaker, so maybe there is an issue there. They've copied the stock e-mail task and all the variables. Now when I set an e-mail address in the 'From' field, the e-mails still get sent with the e-mail address that is set globally in the outgoing mail server settings in the 'From' header. Is this expected behavior? Any way to change it?
I think this is expected behavior.

If I understood correctly, you set the 'From Email' in Settings > Outgoing server, if so, that field means that all emails going out of the application should use that FROM EMAIL.

Correct me if I am wrong.
I don't know if you're wrong. I see e-mail tasks (both stock and PDFMaker ones) have a field that lets you set the 'From' e-mail address. I think this should be respected and take precedence over the global 'from' e-mail address. Then the global 'from' address could be an escalation value.
from what I see in the code

the outgoing From is top priority. This has always been that way, that field means: "All emails use this From"

In my opinion (and something I have had on my mind for years), the outgoing From should be converted into a Global Variable and forgotten. It is only for a VERY specific business use case that I don't think many use at all.
When you say "the outgoing From", you mean the global one right? Does this mean you agree that the "from" set in the workflow task should take precedence or not?
yes, the "outgoing" is the one in the global Settings

no, it should not take precedence. As per the definition of the functionality of the global From, it will override ALL emails going out of the application, that is what it is for, that is the functionality it imposes. It is a rare use case and should be moved to a global variable, but if that GV is set, it will still override ALL emails, that is what that option is for
OK, so what you're saying is: you should at least be able to use the 'From' fields in e-mail tasks (which, effectively, now you are not) but should be able to override those globally by setting a global 'From' field in a Global Variable. I agree in general, but I would also like the opposite (so in addition to setting the global one): not set a global value that takes precedence over task-values, but set an escalation value that is used when there is no 'From' (or: set the 'From' field as mandatory when no global one is set and hide it when a global one is set).
No, that is not what I am saying. I'm saying that, the Global From set in setting overrides always, that is what it is for. There is no escalation From email although the HelpDesk_Support_Reply_EMail global variable should come really close, we use that once almost everywhere
I didn't mean you were describing the situation as it is now, I meant you were describing the situation as you think it should become. Right now. I can't disable the global from (in 'outgoing server'), effectively rendering the 'From' field in e-mail tasks useless (considering the global from in 'outgoing server' overrides it and can't be left empty).
why can't it be left empty?
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