Full Version: Global search direct access - EditView
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Is it possible to configure global search to open EditView of an element(instead of current DetailView) if the search result is unique?

Thank you
now you can: Application_Global_Search_Action

(11-03-2022, 11:12 PM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]now you can:  Application_Global_Search_Action


Hello Joe, that's great!
I can see the definition but that GV is not available in the picklist. So it cannot be selected. It works after update apply Wink.
One more question Wink Does the mobile interface respect this GV? Because I think it does not do either Detailview(it wasn't doing it before either) nor Editview it just present the result when is only one.
No. In general the mobile UI does not support the GVs