Full Version: Adding tasks to SO's for restricted users
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This may be some simple thing I overlook, but I can't find it. I want to give a certain profile/group access to create a task from the related modules below a Sales Order. So I enabled 'create/change' on tasks for this group. This works for almost every module now (like accounts, helpdesk), but not for Sales Orders. Is there a special setting I need to set to make this work? I can do this from my account (admin), so it must be possible.

SalesOrder get_activities function was missing support for events. Update or apply this patch and give it a try:
Thanks! This brings 'activities' to be added for normal non-admin users. I haven't found how to bring tasks also, maybe we need a Global Variable setting for this?
Tasks was already there, it is the block right above the first one added in the patch above:

if the current user has permission to access the "parent_id" field on Calendar module they will see the "Add Task" button. I tried this with both admin and normal user in my development install and it is there.
I see. It was an issue of the 'lock-symbol' in the profile settings. The field was set as visible but locked. Therefor the 'add task' button did not appear. Sometimes these things can be a bit vague in my opinion (which is more of a vTiger fault if you ask me), you need a bit of trial and error to get the behaviour you want.
I agree, I have been here so long that I lose that perspective :-)