Full Version: Quote with crmid and quoteid = 0
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I have a situation when a user ended up with a fatal error after saving a quote. As a result, in the vtiger_crmentity table there is a quote with crmid=0 and in the vtiger_quotes table the quote has quoteid=0. There are also 2 orphaned(unrelated) inventory details that were supposed to belong to the problematic quote. The quote's link still shows in the organization's related panel but is not accessible with that id. It does not show in quote's module in the interface. Unfortunately i was not able to trace back the error that caused this.

What would be the correct way to fix the situation? Could I edit the records in the 2 tables, set them to a working id and then associate the inventory details with it? Or how can i delete it so it does not show as a broken link in other module's related lists?

Thank you.
If you don't need the quote, set the DELETED column to 1 in vtiger_crmentity (and vtiger_crmobject). That should hide it from everywhere

If you need the quote, then you will have to increment the vtiger_crmentity_seq and use the number to set it in all 4 tables (at least)


and the vtiger_quotes bill and ship if they exist (I don't remember)

let us know how it goes
maybe you can still see the error in the apache error.log

if so, share it maybe we can get some clue
Hello Joe,
Thanks for the solution, I ended up deleting it as it was redundant.
The user said it happened while saving a duplicate of a existing quote, it ended up with an error but he did not take a screenshot or copied the error on screen.
I can't find anything related in the logs at around the timestamps of the quote creation.
I will try to meet with the user next week maybe we can replicate.