Full Version: 'Last modified by' in a workflow
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I'm currently in a situation where I need to send an e-mail when a sales order is set to 'delivered', but only when a user from a certain role is the one making that change. I try to do that through the 'last modified by - role' condition in the workflow, but there's one thing I don't know: when I select the 'last modified by', does that mean the user that modified the record before the modification was made is the 'last modified by' user, or is the user that is making the modification the 'last modified by' user?
I'm not totally sure but the workflows are launched AFTER the information is saved so I'd say it will be the user making the change.
You just beat me to it. Through some experiments I figured this out: yes, the workflow is triggered after the save so the user making the change is the 'last modified by' user. The reason it wasn't working for me is that I was also filtering on the role of the 'last modified by' user. I entered the role name, but I needed the ID, which is (in my case) 'H9'. Once you know this, you can figure it out by sending yourself an e-mail with the 'last modified by' user's role (without the condition in place, since you don't know the ID yet). This is a bit unclear, but it works.
Nice trick! :-)