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When i try hide/showed advanced search

Modules tasks and documents always not comply with global variables for that ...

This is a limitation for this modules?
These modules are special. Calendar is special in all senses and Documents is special on the list view because it shows the folders.

I just uploaded some changes that should fix the issue. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.
thru corebos-updater?

I tried load e apply all, but not download any new code, for me ...
corebos updater does not download any code, that is work for git
with git you update your code, then corebos updater looks at the changes that came from git and updates your database
there are three steps to updating your code

1.- update code: git pull and fix conflicts if they exist
2.- coreBOS updater: load changes
3.- coreBOS updater: apply all (if you really want them all, which is usually the case)
This functionality appears not working in new version

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