Full Version: Forecast Amount
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How do you work with the forecast amount field, at opportunities ?
It is formula that is calculated with a workflow. I don't remember exactly so look there but I think you fill in the amount and the percent and it does the rest.
yes, you right

But not make sense the field can changed by user.

I blocked in all profiles, manually
Hi Joe,

You considering change this for default?

Because, this field, should be blocked to user changes, or not?
The field cannot be changed by the users, at least not effectively, any value they put in there will be ignored.

I understand you want to make it readonly by default, right? We can do that now. When we added that field workflows could not update the field, now they can so it would be easy to just set the field as readonly. Have you tried that? Does it work?
Yes, make a ready only for default.

Because today field allows changes ( and you are right all users changes is lost .. )

That's a problem, user be confused with this ...

I need in all profile, set manually field to read only ...
set displaytype = 4 on that field and will do what you are asking for.

I will add this when I have some time

UPDATE `corebos580`.`vtiger_field` SET `displaytype`='4' WHERE `fieldname`='forecast_amount';