Full Version: error after login
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error after login

After login, with a normal user, system show a blanck screnn with word "Failure"

And at URL is http://xxx/index.php?module=PBXManager&action=PBXManagerAjax&file=TraceIncomingCall&mode=ajax&ajax=true
I don't know how to reproduce that. Try deactivating PBXManager
PBX manager have a same bugs ... i posted another thread ...

If password have a special characters, not upgrade at BD.

At first time, if you try do, thru icon ( at module manager ) system not show anything and show "Not permitted" even use a Admin ( ?? )

When try disabled ... show me that ( attached )
it's as if the default module had been changed to the manager pbx (but was not and is thus the configuration editor)

Where it is stored? $default_module (or something like that)