Full Version: Many decimal cases at currency
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System show at email value like 10,000000 this cause same confusion in user.

How i can set, to system show value only with 2 decimal cases?
look at the user's settings in preferences
Set to 2 ( see attached )
At vtiger default, I changed field directly in BD to only 2 decimal cases for solve system show currency values with more that 2 decimal cases.

Exist another  solution in coreBOS ?
Not yet
now :-)
not yet ( again ... ) :-)
Then I don't know what your problem is. Please reproduce it in the online demo and give me instructions to reproduce.
Only I edited the default workflow sent to user when potential is assigned to him and add a field amount.

I can't reproduce at on line demo, because is necessary created a new user ( to receive opportunities and emails ... )

But so easy you reproduce. Only add in the default notification, amount field.

Workflow send yours emails with same code?
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