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What mobile solution works with coreBOS ?
AFAIK: none
I have never heard of any user speak well or sufficiently about any of the existing apps.
Try http://your_server/your_corebos/modules/Mobile

Our current position is to create specific solutions using coreBOS as the backend.
Not working for me

Any module, not listing anything ... only show i icon progress Sad
You are probably receiving some javascript error. See if you can share that with us.
Does it also fail using the online demo?
User demo works fine ...

Is possible error because i change a default language?
Yes that is VERY possible. I really don't know much about this module because I am not in charge of it but I do see that the language files are missing
Copy the modules/Mobile/language/en_us.lang.php file to your language and give it a try
If you translate it please share your files with us via a pull request on github or directly here and I will add it.

Let me know how it goes.
I committed the files copying from en_us

I created new file called pt_br.lang.php at /modules/Mobile/language

but system not considered this ( not translate .. )
As I said I have little knowledge of this extension.
I just tried it in es_es and it seemed to be working correctly
I activated pt_br and got an error because you also need to translate this file:


after adding that I had to Logout of the CRM to get the language correctly loaded but it seemed to be working correctly

I upload some more changes and your translation file (Thanks!!)

That another file

This module is crm-now right?

I never was able execute this module ...

maybe some additional configuration, not specified, or something like that

Each time you click on something it opens a new tab and so on?

It's too bad to work with this
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