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At our sites, in my copy, all bookmarks with https not working.
This is going to work less and less each day. It is a known security issue to execute a website inside an iframe like this and many sites (coreBOS included) have added code to prohibit this functionality.

For example, I tried to load and got this message in my console:

Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'DENY'.

this is what most sites are going to tell you.

I loaded another site with https that doesn't have this directive (a vtiger crm by the way) and it loaded correctly so I suppose that you are getting this restriction also. Have a look at your console to make sure. If that is the case there is nothing you can do: that site does not permit this functionality.
What you think about create a option for open bookmark at new window at this case?
Could be interesting. If you can go ahead and create a pull request.
How i do that?
Search google for "git pull requests procedure" or something similar.
I try to do a quick explanation here:
I got it only as issue ( Our sites #89 )
I marked it as an enhancement. Sincerely it will be almost impossible to do that if you don't do it yourself or fund it.
I agree you
Thats more task priority ..
I can try to change that, but don't have any expertise at corebos.
There is any tutorial for dummies ?? Smile
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