Full Version: Pick list translate issue
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There a strange behaviour

Some itens, not for all, when you at edit mode item is showed translated, after you save not.

I reproduce at coreBOS demo, look a organisation Chemex Labs Ltd

At industry Food & Average thats occurs ( but at another values, in same pick list, industry ... not (??) )

Changed a default language user "demo" to Spanish, and you can see this issue.
This seems to fix the issue which is due to the special characters.

but at trouble ticket occurs the same, but name of item in pick list don't have a special character ...
after applying the change?
give me an example
Solve in account

At tickets field gravity only not working property
I cannot reproduce what you say. Can you please set it up on the demo and share a few screenshots.
I think is a problem in my copy ...

I had a item with called "Crítico" i changed to "Critico" ( no accent )

Now gravity picklist not showed any itens more, when editing mode.

Is possible I reset that for default again?
Where did you do that change?
Does this happen as admin user also? Maybe you forgot to assign the values to the role?
admin too Sad
I guess you somehow eliminated the entries. Try adding new ones.
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