Full Version: Project task progress adds "25"
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When I update a project task progress (pretty up-to-date install), the number "25" is added to the percentage, resulting in (for instance) "40%25".. No idea how this happens...
Thanks for inform! I've reproduced the error and I've fixed it.

You can update your code and try again.

Fixed here:
No problem, thanks for fixing. Just a question: the 'escapeAll' and 'escapeURIComponent' functions, are they 'vtiger' functions?
escapeAll is vtiger crm function which I have put on my to-do list to eliminate, it is a manual (and incorrect) way of doing the standard javascript escapeURIComponent() and encodeURI() functions, which is what should have been used from the start.

It won't be long before I eliminate that....
Come to think of it, the two escapeURI functions were just handled in the javascript book I'm reading...
turns out it was only being used in two other places. one is useless because it is the chat box which is all broken (and always has been) the other I have taken care of: