Full Version: Decimal Point at Conversion Lead
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At conversion lead moment, field value not allow comma for decimal separator.

see attached
How you have defined your format numbers in your user preferences?

In user preferences you can set the decimal separator, number of decimals and group separator.

Can you attach a screen shot, please?


Only setting worked for me is

Decimal Separator is point
Digit Grouping Separator is comma
Digit Grouping Pattern 123456789

Other setting all value is showed wrong way.

In this setting only problem is at convert lead, because system not allow use a comma.
Yo have the Decimal Separator to point, so for this not permit you to insert values with coma.
Please, change this parameter to coma and try again.
Same problem.
I reproduce in online demo.

Try convert any lead, and set created a new opportunity ...
Any update?

This occurs in on line demo too.

That's issue is very bad for use, changed value to many millions after converted.
this has always been wrong. We have dedicated some time to it and will fix it. Please use US standard decimal configuration in the mean time.

In fact, is working, in almost times, but only at convertion lead is not allow use a comma