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When create or update a ticket email was send thru user.

How i can translate this email? I tried at workflow but without sucess
I suppose you saw the wiki article about how to make these emails work with worflows

at the beginning of that article you can see where the hard coded emails are created, look in the code to see what variables they use and then modify those strings in HelpDesk/language file

in short: the translation strings are in HelpDesk/language files
You can also open a thread with the problems you are having with the workflows
Yes, but

1) In translate file are text in portuguese, but email is sending always in english

2) Not is possible edit a email text, in workflow ( task ) not show this screen for translate ( with your documentation ) ( same in demo on line )
please paste here a copy of the email that is not translating and also of the screen that you can't edit.

note that cron emails are sent using the admin user so the application may be using the admin user settings for the language: make sure your admin user has the correct language and try again.
there is
As I understand it, I should be able to edit the email the workflow, right? most have no edit button, that I showed in print.

Print email sent ( all labels and field is english )
The default emails sent by the ticketing system are hard code, they cannot be changed from the GUI, they are mostly translated depending on the admin user's language setting.

If you don't like the hard coded emails, you can deactivate them in the workflows and add your own workflows to send out the emails with whatever contents you need.

This article explains how to substitute the existing hard coded logic with workflows that you create:
I supposed that.

But documentation, confuse me, like it would be possible to edit the notification

Today, coreBOS, inherited vtiger code, there are:

1) email templates admin user can created and send thru workflow, for example ( or use in webmail internal );

2) email system templates ( like a send portal password ) editable thru admin user and in use in system;

3) email sent at hard coded.

Why don't padronization all at email portal password ( item 2 ) ?
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