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generatedtype = 2 defines if a date field will have it's value set to today by default or not.
I am going to open a thread on theme development, so we can share thoughts and align
(10-09-2016, 04:03 PM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]generatedtype = 2 defines if a date field will have it's value set to today by default or not.

Good to know, but I was talking about "presence". Look here for example. I thought it could only be 1 or 0, but I also see 2 used sometimes. Maybe this is just a typo from someone.

(10-09-2016, 04:02 PM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]No, master-detail is not list and detail view. Master-Detail modules are a special kind of one to many relation that exists in many situations. The typical example is an Invoice, you have a set of header fields and then many product lines, each line with it's own set of data and logic. Both the master and the detail, are, in themselves, normal modules with their own detail and list view.

Another example is a Project and Project Tasks, an insurance policy and it's set of liabilities covered

Ah, you mean a module, that can (in it's detail view) list entries of yet another module. Like creating a tree...
Aaaaah, that's what the 2 is.... Good to know.

Working on this module suddenly gave me an idea to greatly improve inventory management (at least I think). This would require the module to be a system-standard module though. Please read my idea below.

In the company I used to work, and implemented vtiger (now corebos) we always had problems with the limited inventory management in the app. For instance, a partially delivered sales order had to be split in two or even more just to keep track of what was delivered and what was not. This module could improve this, but it could do more. We could add a column to salesorder inventory lines that indicate the number of items that have actually been delivered to the customer, based on the packing slips. Saving a packing slip would then update the inventorylines in the system to show the number of items delivered. We could also add a status entry to salesorders, that would be "Partially delivered", that would be set as long as the total number of items delivered is lower than the total number of items on the sales order, but greater than zero.

I really feel this would help companies get a better grip on their inventory management and back-orders, and thereby improving customer satisfaction.
I think I have very good news for you. Since the beginning of September you can already do this in coreBOS

coreBOS now supports adding custom fields in the product lines natively. This permits you to easily add partial deliveries, warranty dates, product line costs or serial numbers for example very easily.

All that information is saved on the Inventory Details module where you can control the status of things.
Wait, so this adds a column to inventory modules just by this business map? I read the example, but sadly I don't fully understand it. Could you explain it a little?
Yes, that is what it does. In the end it saves the information on the InventoryDetails module so you can work with workflows, filters or reports.
I added a mapping for two columns on the Invoice module in the online demo:

go to any invoice and create/edit.

let me know how it goes, you are among the first to test this functionality.
keep asking.....
Ah nice, you've used the information column (which was under-used anyway) to present more data about a product/service line. I'll study the example Business Map you made there and come back if I have questions.

By the way, there is an update on the theme, I think you can install it here (if the demo is up to date with github).

Ah wait, the "information" column is added, its new!
I'm now experimenting with the Inventory Details module, but why does it create multiple entries for each inventory line? I'm a little stumped. I see for a test salesorder there are 16 entries in inventory details, but on the related list I only see 4, like there should be since there are only 4 inventory lines for this salesorder. How do I know which inventorydetail lines are the right ones?

Hmm, it seems for other salesorders there's only one InventoryDetails line. Maybe this salesorder has been modified a few times. But still, the related list knows what to do. But I don't understand how. In the database I also see 2 entries for this line, as my query returns. I see the tax has been changed (InventoryDetail lines differ there), but not how to see which is the correct one.

Ah, wait. Does the module delete entries when they are replaced in stead of modify them? Those deletions are kept in vtiger_crmentity right?
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