Full Version: a small manual on Global Variables
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Since I've just discovered the power of these, I'll post a small manual here. I'll use the example that got me going. In my case I needed the invoice creation to leave the status of the related sales order alone. So I set my Global Variable up like this:
  • I chose "SalesOrderStatusOnInvoiceChange" from the "name" dropdown. That handles this specific case.
  • As a value I entered "DoNotChange", which is a special value the system checks for.
  • I checked the 'mandatory' box.
  • I chose "Module Functionality" from the 'Category' dropdown.

You could also set a different value if you do want the SalesOrder status to change, but not to "Approved".

The order GlobalVariables use as priority is:
  1. First it looks for a GV marked as 'mandatory'.
  2. If none is found, it'll look for one assigned to the current user.
  3. If none is found, it'll look for the group of the current user.
  4. Finally, it'll look for one that's marked as 'default'
  5. If no GV was set, default system behaviour will take place.
(10-17-2016, 09:15 PM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you!

I added that to the wiki:

Great! glad to be of help.
I dunno guys... either I'm extremely dense these days, or changing the value of a global variable isn't as easy as you describe here. I followed the example above trying to change the value of HelpDesk_Support_Name from your-support name to CISS Support, but when I test it by adding a comment to a test support ticket it's still the same on the email a client would receive when a ticket is created, or updated. It's all very frustrating trying to set a value for a seemingly simple variable.
Upload a screenshot of how you defined it
The strangest thing happened. I'm sitting here looking at the Global Variable in the tools section and got to thinking... "I wonder if I have to create this critter rather than try and edit the one that exists. (there's only one object in that module from a fresh install.)

So, as I'm often wont to do, I just say what the hell and give it a shot.

  1. I choose the var name from the Name dropdown. In this case HelpDesk_Support_Name...
  2. Input my value CISS Support
  3. Choose Support Tickets from the module list
  4. Chose System from the category list
  5. Click Default
  6. Click mandatory
  7. Click Save.
Now there are two items showing on the GV module screen. So...

I create a test ticket that uses my gmail address and when the notification goes to the address viola! The from name is CISS Support rather than the vanilla your-support name. Either I missed the part about having to create this entry for this GV or it wasn't there. At least now I have a better idea of how this part of C7 works.

Joe... um, there doesn't seem to be a global variable for the notification message where it reads:

HelpDesk Team

Tongue but I did find the global var for Upload_MaxSize... I can see I'm going to be getting into some mischief.

As always Joe, thank you for a Top-Shelf application. Frustration leads to determination and determination leads to discovery. After one has something eat of course.
I'm glad you got it working and thank you for your comments.

As to the signature, that is hardcoded in the language file. You can change it there and change the workflow that sends out the email.