Full Version: What's the use of the tax1, tax2 and tax3 columns
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Why are there 3 columns for tax in the productinventoryrel table? Is this for S&H?
These are the three default tax types you can find in Settings > Tax Configuration
If you add another tax there you will get another column (tax4) in the vtiger_inventoryproductrel table
The S&H values and taxes are stored in another table (vtiger_inventoryshippingrel and vtiger_shippingtaxinfo)
Thanks, I'll try some stock modules to see what the default functionality here is and try to copy that.
I don't understand these columns at all now. The only place I see the multiple tax columns being used in for instance on sales orders, invoices etc. But the tax columns appear in the "productinventoryrel" table, meaning for every productline. Even though the taxes are only used for the sales entity as a whole. Am I missing something here?
These columns are used when you set the Tax Mode to Individual. On the top of the inventory lines block there is a picklist to define the tax mode you need, either:

- global, one tax for the whole document, in which case the selected taxes get saved in all the inventory lines with the same values
- individual, where each line has it's own tax settings, in which case each line tax is saved in these columns
Thanks, I knew that, but let me explain myself better:

When I set (for instance) a sales order to 'individual', only the first TAX rule appears in the inventoryline, even though I've activated three. When I set the SO to 'group', I can fill out the three tax type individually. I tried this in the demo as well. My point is, why are three tax types saved for each inventoryline, while you can only use them for an entire record (in this case a sales order)?
I'm not sure I am following you. The application has three tax types configured by default, thus you have three columns, one for each type. If you add another one you will get another column in that table.

See the attached images

Maybe you have them deactivated?

Also, you have to establish the different tax amounts per product in individual mode.
In this case the three tax columns for every inventoryline would be correct yes. The weird thing is: I've tried three different installs, one of which being the coreBOS demo. I checked the three boxes (like in your TaxCalculations.png file), checked an individual service, no tax fields (check attached file). Also, creating a new SalesOrder, tax only shows all three when I set it to 'group' and click the 'tax' link for the entire SO (attached file), not when I set the tax to 'individual' (attached file 'noTaxForProductOnSo'), because I can't set the tax for that product. I know this is possible, and in one install I can set the tax for products (one, not three even though I activated them).

I feel like I'm missing something really simple here, just don't know what.
You have to edit EACH product/service and add the taxes for that particular product/service for them to appear in the inventory lines.

In other words, pick a product or service, edit it, you will see the three active taxes appear in the price block, select the ones that apply to that product/service, even modify the values if necessary and save. Now go to an inventory module, select that product/service in individual tax mode and you will see the taxes you have selected for it.

Let me know how it goes.
That's the simple thing I'm missing: I checked in detailview, not in editview. Not to sound highhearted, but I think this is something more people would miss. I'm guessing they don't appear in detailview because of the checkboxes in front?
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