Full Version: Creating a UI16 field with values in manifest file
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I'm creating a manifest file, and I want to create a UI 16 field and populate it with some values in the manifest file, does anyone have an example of the syntax?
I think it is exactly the same as a UITYPE 15
I don't know how to do UI 15 either...

the important part is the <piklistvalues> section associated to this type of field

in code it would be:

I'm having trouble with creating a UI 15 / 16 field though the manifest though. Either I don't supply the picklist values in the manifest, then the table for the values are not created, or I do, but then the installation halts on the creation of the picklist table. Only real option I see is to create the field after the module is done installing.
This works correctly, it is really tested. Show me the field section you have. Do you get some error on screen?
Hmm, it seems I had some conflicting name. I chose a different name for the field and all is well..