Full Version: Suggest development environment
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What would be the addecuate workflow for contributing to coreBOS.

The Git part has me suffering.

I already made a fork of the project on my account on GitHub.

Also created a local repo based on the my GitHub repo.

The thing is, in order to test my code I have to make an install of my local repo. What would be the appropriate procedure to do that without 'damaging' my local repo. I say this because installing will rename and modify original files.

After installing, 100+ changes keep showing on git and I do not know how to deal with that.

Moreover, if I have a working branch, how can I sync the latest changes made from you without loosing my work in progress.

I know git is good at doing this, the thing is, what git commands should I use?

I would like to request a detailed git command workflow, since I am new to git, and would like to contribute to this project.

Thanks in advance.
I wrote this article to see if it can shed some light:

These are important also:

I invite you to join our gitter group and ask for help and guidance