Full Version: Report Issue - Version 7.0
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In report module, version 7.0 not is showed a screen for grouping by for any report

and a graphics at end of report not showed too

See attached screenshot ( demo version )
This is a confirmed error. We will get to it as soon as possible. If you can help to allocate time to it contact us.
I'll report here as soon as it is fixed
At the moment, I have no programmer on my team ..

I can help with tests or something.
You are being very helpful with testing. Thanks!

You can also support the project financially, a support contract or purchasing an incident resolution ticket would permit us to dedicate our programming resources directly to this issue instead of waiting for free time.

I'll keep you informed.
i believe be possible at soon ...

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Omar fixed this on friday. I tested it yesterday and it seems to be working correctly now.
You can edit the report and select the correct grouping, once you save the graph will appear correctly on the home page.