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Sorry, I didn't explain that correctly. In the small mobile screen, on the calendar, instead of writing

First or Primeiro

the application will put the number followed by the abbreviation


instead of Second or Segundo, it will put


so you actually have to translate "st" and "nd".

Look at the es translation, we simply put º
In any case, the mobile application is working for you now, right?
no, not yet
Update your code and it will work
You have a syntax error in the javascript file on the last string, it is missing a closing quote. I fixed it in the available version

Thank you ver much!
No, not yet.

You can running in online demo?

Can be anything wrong at my server?

If i set my user to english language, works

But if I set to pt_br, not
I tested it locally and it works correctly. I updated the online demo and it works correctly.

Please make sure you are loading the right javascript file.
Yes, working now.

I think there any old data in cache, or something like that.

Another question

How I will save changes in Settings tab? For me, icon Save, at top of screen not is showed.
How I translate this in Mobile?

Last Modified By:

When I clicked on Calendar, if day not have nothing planned, system not show anything. Ok is right.

But for user,  have the sensation -  system freeze ...

I suggest, showed a message "Nothing scheduled for this day" or something like that, or some screen effect

Another, little issues

Not translate

Assigned To*:  in  Tasks
Description:   -  in Tasks

Last Modified By:  - in Contacts/Accounts, etc

Project No:
Target End Date:
Actual End Date:
Target Budget:
Project Url:


emails is showed at, with a quotes and minus sign ( all modules )">

At description of documents, system shows raw data

like as attached image
Hi Ranieri.

- For example, if you need to translate some labels from Projects module to show correctly on Mobile, you have to check the language file on Projects module.
In this case, I've checked this module form mobile on corebos demo and seems that everything is translate, except "Last Modify By".

- The label "Last Modify By" I think that you need to check on include/language/pt_br.lang.php, try it and if not works , try to translate this label on the module where is show it bad.

- Email error now is fixed, please, update your code.

- Raw data on description field. I can't reproduce this, please try it on corebos demo and indicate us the record that has this problem.


If you list in mobile, email showed wrong

If you try to search this lead, in Leads, with only first name - OK
But if you put First and Lastname, system show not exists

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