Full Version: Default Module - Suggestion - Enhance
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In the past, default module was setting in

If you, for mistake, setting a incorrect name ( spelling )

system will exhibit

Module name is missing or incorrect. Please check the module name.

But was easy to correct then ( only is necessary, edit again .. )

But now, system crash ( because is necessary a valid name of module, to login ).

I suggest, in this case, invalid module, system show a default module ou Global Variable Module.

I think, only way to solve that, change in system table, at BD, to correct name module, right?
I will add this request to our ToDo list, it shouldn't be difficult to add.
A workaround is to type in directly where you want to go, in the URL. Note that you are already logged in when it tries to send you the default module, so all you have to do is type in the module name correctly. Go to the URL and type


Ah, okay, that way it's simple to fix

Thank you!