Full Version: Report Module issue
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I know you helped with the 2 commits:
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to allow null dates in advance filter as well as showing custom date fields in simple time filters

now I am experiencing this issue in the report module
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you can see the pie chart is shadowed black and the horizontal chart is broken up
Glad the previous changes helped <!-- s:-) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:-) -->

Sadly the error you are describing is known and has no solution.

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It is due to an upgrade in the GD library.

My position on the issue is to completely change the image library used for graphics as I updated the one being used but that had no effect. So, for the moment, there isn't much we can do.
So is this is an issue with the php 5.3 upgrade?

Unfortunately visual reporting plays an important part of the use for our crm. Would it be in my better interest to stay with the traditional install of vtiger 5.4 using php 5.2?

I notice your demo is Corebos 5.5 and the reports run perfect and better the vtiger 5.4

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what do i need to fix like you have
It is not a question of vtiger crm or corebos, nor an issue of PHP 5.3 or PHP 5.4
The problem is with the GD Library version:

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The image library that coreBOS uses is old and it seems that it produces this behaviour on the newer version of GD.
I updated the library when I learned about this error but it still happened with the newer version so the solution is to completely change the library which will require some work. We are on it, but it is a lower priority issue at the moment.

If you can get GD version 2.0 on your PHP 5.4 it should work.
I am using php PHP 5.3.29 that is the only way I could get corebos to install.

I am also using GD library 2.10

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So excuse my ignorance, What do I need to do exactly to have the reports works as the do in your demo?
You have to use GD 2.0

You should be able to use PHP 5.4 with no problem
Unfortunately I am using a shared server so therefor I would either have to use php 5.2 to be able to have the proper GD library or obviously use php 5.4 and problems with the reports.

What would you suggest is my best idea?

1) have an instal of Vtiger 5.4 on php 5.2 and an install of corebos sharing the same database?

2) Since reports are important just use Vtiger 5.4 and I could still use the commits for Corebos?

Thank you for you help & input