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There two pick list in Payments

I wish set a default value for each pick list, how I can do that?

First Pick List - Account/Contact

I set my system ( at global variable ) to b2c in this case, the default value is better to appoint for Contacts ( today is Accounts )

Both List - Pick list show me all modules ( include modules is disabled )

Is possible, I exclude a disabled module, and set a default module in Account/Contact for Contacts and for Related entity to Service Contract ?
I eliminated the inactive modules with this change:

thanks !!

Currently you must change the sequence value directly in the database to order the modules that appear in the picklist. Go to the table vtiger_fieldmodulerel, look for these fields by their fieldid and modify the sequence column so that the first one is the one you want by default.
ok, i will test it

And is possible, with an alternative, you create a new global variables for configured that? I means, setting a default module for both lists?

Remove disabled modules = Works fine!

I have setting and ordering the module list on the project To Do list. It is a little more complicated than it seems, but we will get to it.

Glad that worked