Full Version: Suggestion | Improvement - for address
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There two fields missing in address block in coreBOS

Name of Neighborhood and
Complement ( for put addicional information, like a apartment number, near to, etc )

I don't know how complicated is implement this new fields, in this block, and if outside of Brazil, this fields is important too ...
Personally, I think we already have too many fields. In fact, we are working on a default install with a reduced amount of fields because we usually get the comment: "too much information, hide fields"

So we want to turn that around, by default we will hide most fields and then the implementor can activate the ones they need.

I would suggest that you simply add these fields to your install, either with a vtlib script, a corebos updater script or simply as custom fields when you need them.

If you need to copy the information from one module to another you can use business maps to some extent.

Also, you may be interested in the coreBOS Multi address module:
ok, i will test it

install in module manager? in zip file?
Yes, module manager. You can give it the github repository URL directly.