Full Version: Suggestion - Mandatory - Last name or First Name
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Some inheritances of the old vtiger code could be solved.

One this problem is the code that makes the last name mandatory.

Is it planned, in time, to replace the last name with the first name as mandatory in the system? or allow user setting that?

We could consider this in the future. It is a bit more complex than it seems as the link fields are special.

To change this in your install you must:

- change $list_link_fields to another field
- change $mandatory_fields
- change vtiger_field presence to 2
- change vtiger_field quickcreate to 2
- change vtiger_entityname
I imagine it is very complex this,

There are three things, complex to solved too, but is very boring for users too.

( inherited from vtiger old code )

1) Last name, mandatory
2) Fields of values ( comma and point separator ) setting never working as well
3) Could not change a opportunities name (only) for closed and lost ( today called closed win and closed lost ) is very strange for users ( at least in brazilian portuguese )

There is another, but I think is easy to solved, account is account, not organization .. Sad

I beleive is a good, put this itens in future road map
1) I will put on the list
2) this should be working now. We dedicated a lot of time to this. please test and let us know if you find somewhere it doesn't work
3) I never heard about this one. You can change any field on a closed potential. Unless you define a RAC business map to avoid it. Please correct me if I am wrong
Changing Account to Organization is fairly easy but it is not going to happen because most installs change the translation files. It is the first thing most implementors do, so it would produce conflicts in many installs just to respect their changes. Then the implementor will have to change it again in new installs anyway.

Also, we introduced the new cbTranslation module a few weeks ago which should help with this in the near future.
1) - Thanks
2) - I will changed for Brazilian convention and test again
3) - For Brazilian Portuguese, you agree if I change this translate for a official files?

And this rapid intervention and alignment with bussiness, means coreBOS is right and best option.

Thanks again, Joe and all your work team.
2) Thanks, all help is very necessary :-)
3) Yes, I have no problem with that. In fact, in ES, which is the one we take care of it is like that.