Full Version: language packs
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Hi i was wondering if there were any language packs.

the only language i can select now is English.
Would like to get Dutch if possible.
Hi Michel, welcome to the forum.

If you want to active a new language extension you have to go to -> CRM Settings -> Module Manager -> here you will find the block "Language Extension" where you can active the language package that you want.

Look the image, please.
Thank you.

is it possible to locate the files for the customer portal to change or create a dutch moddule ?
Which portal are you using? can you send me the url or tell me the name, please?
see attachement.

coreBOSCP-master downloaded it from git.

Start from your preferred language and translate core.xml and language.xml

Upload them here, send them to me or Omar or, better, create a pull request

Let us know if you run into any issues
I will try and translate np
I will email you

I only have tomorrow. After that i have holiday
No hurry, we'll be here when you get back.

Have a wonderful time :-)

i have put the files in an email to you