Full Version: Email notification - in tickets
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Is there a way to delete all custom fields in email notification when creating or changing a ticket?

I wish, my client does not see, some information, inserted in this field
Normalmente, en el flujo que realiza el envío, se puede elegir que campos componene el correo que se envía, y lógicamnete ahí se puede personalizar por completo.
Si el estandar no satisface sus necesidades, lo mejor es deshabilitarlo y crear uno nuevo, es muy facil...
Normally, in the flow that makes the sending, you can choose which fields compose the mail that is sent, and logically there can be completely customized.
If the standard does not meet your needs, it is best to disable it and create a new one, it is very easy ...
You can deactivate the default workflows and setup your own:
Also, those fields are added in this loop:

you can delete or comment it
Ok, but I can implement with a global variable?

I mean:

Create a new global variable for this

Tested this variable for print all cf_fields or not

And maintain the system default ( without a hard code... )

Or only your team can do that?
A global variable there sounds like a good idea. I would accept that change in the product.

You can do it yourself or contract any programmer to do it. It doesn't have to be us.

Adding a global variable to the application is not difficult at all and there are many examples. We can help, and creating a pull request on github nowadays is very common.