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Suppose to create one contact with a wrong mail like
to add an opportunity to this contact.
Later when you will correct the email field in contact changin to in opportunity ther will be the wrong eamil address.
The opportunity.mail field is not editable, the only way to change it, is to reapply the "related to" field.
Perhaps is a better idea to leave editable ( pressing edit button) the potential email field
have a nice day

I just tried this and had a look at the code. The email is updated on every save of the opportunity, not just the first time. I tried it and the email was updated correctly.

The update happens here:

which is called from the after save event, In case you want to make sure that piece of code is being executed.

Let me know how it goes
OK. It works.
The problem was i usually edit the single field in the opportunity, so i don't press edit and save globally.
Yes, we still can't dynamically change the other fields on individual edit. It does change the email value but you can't see the change until you reload the record.
I have that on our to-do list
Hi I have same problem.

I selected a new contact, with new email, but system still list the older email in opportunity email field ...

reload the page
I don't if I did understand correctly ...

For example, in online demo, I clicked in one opportunity already created.

I click in opportunity - more information - Contacts - edit - and changed email for another domain, for testing reasons

Now, opportunity still shows a older domain ( hotmail ), and contact has a new domain ( gmail )

What I did wrong?

See at online demo
The email on the opportunity is the main email of the account or contact DIRECTLY related to the record.
ok, but my understand when you talk about directly related, is when I associate new contact a opportunity, for me, this is or main relation.

See not is a "right" or "wrong" here, but the form of understanding.

Look my scenario

At first moment, when I create a opportunity I have one person for talking in company.

But in sales developement, I identify a real decisor for my opportunity.

In my mind, at this moment, I should click contact, and add new contact at opportunity, and this new contact is "the guy".

However, system still look for a email account, or data in account ( because my process in b2b ).

I don't understand very well, why there a relation for contact in opportunity, if not to set a new "master contact"
The way it is designed is that the person you are talking to is the one related in the "related to" field on the record. All the other contacts in the related list are stakeholders.

If you want to implement another logic you will have to program it. You can use the event to set the field value according to your particular business logic and eliminate the hard-coded logic (which we will do in the near future now that we can do that with workflows).
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