Full Version: [Solve] Tunning MYSQL for insert operations
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Performance to record

In my installation, coreBOS takes between 8 and 12 seconds to record a lead or contact.

I know there are many variables involved, but I would appreciate some hint from where to start researching to improve this time.

Every help is appreciate

What is the average time I can expect for this operation?

In this case, I'm using only one user, alone, with no concurrency, for other user, in the database.
That is a long time. You can try in the online demo and see that it doesn't take that long.
I'd say that it is some workflow or after save tasks. If you have a lot of fields and workflow calculations that is where the time may be going.
You can activate MySQL Slow queries and the SQL debug log, but I would review your workflows first.
Yes, the two are in use.

there are several required fields and a workflow for calculating fields ( arithmetic operation ).

But do you see any good practice that can be used to reduce this time?
I need to know where the time is going. It is not normal for it to take so long.
There are a lot of factors, PHP version and configuration, opcode accelerator, mysql, hardware.... almost impossible to tell without hands-on diagnosis.
I tested with demo online

For user experience, the total time, for example, when i clicked in contacts,

Button EDIT
Nothing is changed
Button SAVE

are 5 seconds ...

I means, time to system show a new screen again ...

For this user ( is worked at phone, call center ) thats time is significant for him. But I think is notthing to do for better that ..

Thanks anyway ...
In the online demo, I activated the DEBUG_Calculate_ResponseTime variable.
I went to the first contact detail view, clicked edit and save. The response time shows 0,76 seconds
I repeated the process and it gave me 0.73 seconds.

I find the 5 seconds rather odd. I mean, I know there is room to make it faster and we are working on it, but 5 seconds seems excessive. Make sure you have optimized your MySQL, apache and PHP

This article is rather old but it still has some good recommendations:

there are also some performance global variables.
Thats is a strange for me

Really Response time, shows values like you says

But ( even in on line demo ) if you calculeted a real time ( since your click on save ) and system shows completed screen ( I means, release for new transaction ), time is 5 and 6 seconds ( total time )

Response time, shows only time for execution a transaction. ( I guess )
Total time, for us, when system is ready again ... new navigation, new operation...
You think is better create one workflow in many tasks or many workflows with one task each? ( for performance purpose ) ?
one workflow in many tasks should be a little faster
Thanks, with this settings my system work faster now.
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