Full Version: PDF Maker - Send email with PDF
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I tried use a Send Email with PDF in Contract Service module.

Each service contract is assigned a Contact, this contact have a email.

System shows a email screen, but not load a email from contact

And not is allowed search a contact thru icon ( search ) too, only fields is allowed enter any data is copy and blinded copy ( CC and BCC )
What extension are you using for that? PDFMaker?

Service Contracts doesn't have an associated PDF nor email by default.
Oh, sorry, I didn't read the title

Can you try with another Service Contract, or another module related to the same contact. I am thinking that maybe that contact has the "no email" opt out marked.
The problem only for a contract service.

If I use a other model, in PDF Maker, in Contacts module, working fine.

But when i try send a email, in specific module "Contract Service" not working.

I wish keep contracts in service contract, not for a contact ( person ).