Full Version: Global Search - Issue
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After updated my installation, any term I search in global field ( top of screen ), all my opportunities is listed.

Even if I uncheck opportunities module, in modules for search

This occurs in new resource, listed after you input a word
I think the problem, is my installation with this business map.

In fact, I don't know why this business map not did working at my older version

After I updated, did start to work, but, there any error, because listed all itens, for any word I search.

I can't reproduce this or I am not understanding where the problem is. If I add the map above, the autocomplete feature looks for potentials and accounts but the global search only looks in the selected modules.

Upload some more screenshots or reproduce it in the online demo.
I remove business map and recreate.

problem not occurs, more

but autocomplete not working too..
I copied the above mapping into my development install and it worked directly with no issue. Maybe it isn't working due to the duplicate field issue you indicated in another post.
I must be doing something wrong.

I include the same way in corebos demo, and not working ..

You can check, what I do wrong?
When using business maps the way they are found is usually by their name. It is important to get the name correct. In this case, the name MUST be: GlobalSearchAutocomplete

I changed the name of the map in the demo and it started working.

Try that and let us know.
Any word I typed, system shows for me, same records ... ( even not match this words .. )

See attached
I'm sorry, but I cannot reproduce that. You will have to debug the issue in your install.
I redo my business map, for search leads and contacts and works.

For now, if i need search opportunities, I will do with a older method.

Thanks anyway.