Full Version: Doubt - Creating a follow up
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doubt about block follow up on tasks

It was very good to follow up the block in tasks, mainly to re-schedule a call

But when trying to create the follow up, the system always requires to change, also manually, the expiration date.

What is the idea of these two dates?
this works, but for me, some times date showed zeros ..

I try reproduce in on line demo, with a formatted date dd-mm-yyyy but system shows "server busy"

I just updated the demo install. Give it a try again when you can
Can you please upload a screen shot. I don't understand the issue.
When try to created a follow up, system down, with screen "Server Busy"
I had no problem creating the followup:

I even created a new event and then a follow up on that one.
I still do not understand how this works

Suppose I scheduled a call for a client at 9am today

I call at the scheduled time and the client requests that I return tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

For me, I should go on follow up, select tomorrow - 10am and click on create follow up

The system then would let me know at 10am tomorrow, with a pop up, that I have a follow up of this task.

But this is not what happens.

What is the logic of these fields?

Which date field, system uses to show a pop reminder?
Following your example, you would edit the event at 9 am today, change the status to "Held", add a comment indicating that they changed it to tomorrow, and then you mark the "create follow up" checkbox, set the follow-up date to tomorrow at 10 am and set the follow-up type.

What happens when you save is that a NEW event record is created copying all the details of the first event and filling in the "Related To Do" field so you can easily navigate the history. On this new event, you will get popups, notifications and any other actions you have configured in the workflow system as it is "just" another event on the calendar.
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