Full Version: Profile - Not allow user cannot change reports
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There way, I allowed user running a report previous, was created, but not allowed any modify or created a new reports?

My problem is user modify or created a report without a support time, createded a key for your selection field, for example

This new reported or new selection, causes overload in my BD ( server ).
Can you specify an example, explain again or upload some screenshots. Sorry but I don't understand.
Remove action buttons ( add, modify and delete )
If you make a report private or you do not share it with the other users they cannot customize it
There are no permission limitations on the folders. I will create a github issue so we can look into it in the future.
But users cannot see either

I need user can see, run, but not change

How you see, the ideia for create a new globalVariable for hide this buttons ?

I will explain

This facility appears good, because allows user can get any data from system.
But this a big problem for performance and BD administration
Because user, in most times, uses a field not is prepared for search, not a key, or using a field for group by, the same way, not prepared for this.

This queries in BD, in most cases , search all table, for each execution, introducing an overload in server.

In production environment, i think only specific user can make this kind of changes.