Full Version: System is very slow
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Nothing I did, solve this problem.

I decided install a fresh copy and export all data from old system and import at new.

There any way, for transfer ( more easy) for field definitions ( custom fields )? Because, recreate all fields is very boring ( and lot of working ).

I means, table field, tables CFs and others? ( will working ?? )
There is no easy way of copying just the custom fields and configuration from one system to the other, and even if there were I suppose that the process would copy also whatever is slowing down your system.

Before doing that I would suggest you profile the system with PHP (xdebug for example) to see if you can catch the offending process
Thanks for your attention, Joe.

I solved this, when I moved to another server, with more capacity.

The asterisk extension is very demanding. It is constantly polling which is a bad design pattern.

Keep an eye on it.
Is too bad, because this feature is most import for us ...

But, thanks for your advice.
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