Full Version: Always start include thru leads
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My user, wish only your time, create a new client thru "module lead"

that is, only by this form

include lead -> make conversion

Never, user should created directly account.

I think if I blocked Create in user perfil, user cannot convert a lead, too, right?

There any way, to do that?

Not created Account directly, without create a lead previouly ?
You are right this cannot be done using permissions system because if you block account creation you will not be able to convert the lead.

I would create a custom validation rule for accounts to detect that the user is trying to create and inform them that it is not allowed. Validation rules are not executed on lead conversion.
Ok, I will try this.

I was thinking, flag is converted by lead, not could be use for this test?
No, because this field is read-only and set directly by the conversion process AFTER the save, so you can't stop the creation based on that field.