Full Version: Mail Scanner
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I try capture all user emails

I create one rule for each user email, but nothing to do.

I think is necessary create two rules, one for to and another for from, right?

I am do wrong?

See image of rule
You have to put some condition. The way I read that screenshot is "All conditions must match" and all conditions are empty, so it is like: from is empty and to is empty and subject is empty....

try putting "Any condition" and set the subject to a RegEx like: ".*" or something like that
ok, but I can force system rescan all mailbox ?
I don't remember. Aren't there options to read all or only not read emails or something like that?
Yes, exist all unread.

I think system record in any table last scan and only search emails after thats date

I will try all unread, so
There any warning to admin, to error on execution this tasks?

My worry, if user change your password, or remove any folders, after first sucessfull configuration ...
Mail Scanner is one of the scheduled tasks. All of these tasks are watched by the Cron Watcher. This process will inform you of any scheduled tasks that do not finish in 20 minutes or so (I think there is a global variable for that)