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I wish when I send scheduled reports, a new option to include a URL for directly access to thats report.

For example

When I program a email, thru workflow, I can include a CRM Url, or Portal URL, for user access directly CRM,

Likewise, rather than only include PDF or Excel ( in attachment ), I wish include a thats Report URL.

My intention, is, user when receive a email, get information thru your access into CRM, for security reasons get the most updated information.


Has two little issues

When editing a existing report, some option previous setting not returned from BD, and I think group by, and sharing not return too.
And report not translate a filed name and email text to Portuguese

admin is setting pt_br language
user is setting pt_br language set default language to pt_br ( is still user for anything?? )
Sorry, I don't understand, What is not translated?
See example inĀ attached images, please

URL in report scheduled works.

Is possible translate term "click here" ?

Other question, if user not is logged in CRM system shows login screen and shows a default module for thats user

If user already logged, system shows a report directly

I add this label in pt_lang
I have updated the file and it will be available soon, but the global label is here:

The redirection is normal, we lost the direct possibility when we introduced the session security measures.
I will testing more, but I think other link, included in workflow, for example, with a CRM details, is different.

I think, when workflow included a CRM details ( link in email ) system redirect thru final screen, in all the times.
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