Full Version: [solved] Question about cron service file
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Today I start only a single file, for background tasks

But there in my installation file README-NewCronServiceSetup.txt with other instructions.

This instructions wil be use only for a new cron services, or I need changed for actually process in background too?
you only need to launch one file in the cron:
I usually call vtigercron.php directly from the cron and rarely ever use, but, in the end it is the same.
Ok, thanks.

I can only execute a /vtigercron.php ?
Yes, that is what the script does. I use something like this directly in the /etc/cron.d/corebos file:

*/5 * * * *  root cd /var/www/corebos; /usr/bin/php -f vtigercron.php
Is really necessary execute this job as root user? I normally use a apache user ( for security reasons .. )
Aoache user is fine, in fact, I agree, it is much better than root, the thing is that usually, for security reasons, the apache user doesn't even have shell access so you can't use it to launch the cron. If that is not your case, you can do it with apache.