Full Version: Pop up - To Do - reminder
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When I create a new to do, or choose a new follow up for this to do, system always shows a pop up reminder, even event in future

For example, I created a new to do, for tomorrow, and system shows pop up, today for reminder.

What the ideia for this pop up? System should, exhibit reminder, only few minutes before schedule, not?
It is reminding you of the edited event.

It will remind you of any event in the past week for which it hasn't already informed. I suppose it is a week so you can go out on vacation for some time and get a reminder of the events that past while you were out.
It will repeat the reminder if you edit the event.
If you are getting the reminder immediately it is because it is in the past.

I added some code to filter out the closed events, that will reduce the number of unnecessary reminders.