Full Version: [solve] Not list opportunity in related list
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In my installation, a contact has more than one opportunity, but system not exhibit yours opportunities in related list.

How I can solve that?
Well, you actually found an error that we get directly from vtiger, I thought we didn't have any of those left :-)

With this change, the potentials related list on contacts will show all related potentials, directly, related to the contact's account and related to the related list of potentials.

I'd say that you have added the related list using the layout editor. If that is the case you will have to recover the one that was there before because this is a special relation inherited from sugar crm (!)
Sorry I don't understand your explain.
I fixed the potentials related list on contacts so it shows all the related potential records
unfortunately not solve for me.


Maybe, if I install a fresh copy and move BD from older, could solve?
edit the related list that you have created in the database and set the function to get_opportunities

a fresh install will not work as the problem is in the database
but, how I know each line could be change?

The number is a position in related list?

I need change get_contacts to get_opportunities ( for value 1 ) ?

see my related list
In the vtiger_relatedlist table you have a tabid and a relatedtabid column. You are looking for the row that related Contacts (tabid=4) with Potentials (tabid=2) so you are looking for the row that has:

tabid=4 and relatedtabid=2

in that row you must change the name column to get_opportunities
Thanks, Joe.

After change directly line in table on DB, worked.

and how I solve for opportunity listed a contacts?

What tabid I need checked?