Full Version: webmail don´t load the messages
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I have configured the webmail of corebos and I get the folders loaded, but I can not access any of them, the principal screen goes blank.


Php has active imap module.

What could be the problem? Thany you
Activate the debug log to see if there is any error there that could give us a clue.

Look also in the apache error log

Can you open the console errors on your browser to detect if exist any javascript error, please?

You can do this and active the php debug:

Console don´t show any email errors. Only this


How can I create the global variable?  In the Global variable module I can´t select the Debug_Email_Sending .


The outgoing server is working fine, I configure it with a sendgrid account and it send emails ok.

It is because you have an old version of the code or you haven't applied all the changesets. Update your code to the latest version and apply the changesets, then try again, maybe we fixed the issue along the way.