Full Version: Corebox Events vs Workflow Custom Function
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Mail Manager is for incoming emails, it has nothing to do with outgoing emails.

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Hi Joe,
Let me share the situation de-facto -
1. Workflow for "send sms" works perfectly, sends sms to me very moment a new lead is added. So there is nothing wrong with cronjob here i suppose.
2. workflow for "send email" works when i execute vtigercron.php manually from url, i have not yet witnessed automated execution yet.

after using debug code you gave, i deleted all the workflows i had created as they were appearing in the dump screen, and created new ones.

Just waiting for the last part of the issue to get cleared - send email automatically (workflow cron is set to 15 mins).

Hi Joe, I have identified the problem, it is with time triggered send email workflow. Manual trigger works fine for send email workflow. Can you tell me how to correct it?

You have to configure your server to call the vtigercron.php script every 5-6 minutes

How you accomplish this varies depending on your server. Since you say that you can launch it manually, I understand that you can access the command line and are executing something like:

php vtigercron.php

if that is the case, go to the coreBOS main directory and do this:

whereis php

that will return something like /usr/bin/php


that will give you something like /var/www/corebos

cd /etc/cron.d
echo */5 * * * * root cd /var/www/corebos; /usr/bin/php vtigercron.php" > corebos

make sure the file has the same permissions as the others
But how is the send sms workflow working automatically? doesnt tht mean vtigercron.php is executing through cronjob already?

No, the only task that need cron workflow is emails, all the others are executed immediatly, they do not use the cron system.
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