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I already have my users and products in system so i applied the update with zip file and run the updater in system. It updated everything but I cant log in into administration part. What may be causing this?
what do you understand by "administration part"?

If it is settings, you can click on the cog icon in the upper right tool bar.
If I click the gear it goes to updates instead of settings. I might have patched a modified version without reading the below parts in updating session.

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user - pass
test - test
Click DIRECTLY on the icon, not in the dropdown menu that opens up
You can try updating your code, I have added the Settings options to the dropdown also.

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It seems like I have a lot to learn about coreBOS.
I am still unable to set proper previlages to my contacts even though they are in same company.
When I try to set previlages I get a 406 and a 404 error.
Please open a new thread with a few screen shots.
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