Full Version: Admin should be able to set the default filter for any user
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My scenario is I have a sales team

There are 3 vendors, and I need to standardize the way of working, and one of the steps is to create default filters for entry into the lead, account, opportunities, for example modules.

The problem is, that the system does not accept that ADMIN marks the filter as default, only respects this option if I log into each of the users and create a new private filter on each login.

This is bad, not good practice.

I think there must be a way, to standardize the access, by the profile, or the group, as it has today, with the global variables.
I agree this must be fixed by implementing something similar to global variables.

I know you'd rather not use the admin concept, inherited from vtiger.

I understand and also see this way in many cases, however, in others it seems quite appropriate

For example, in this case, when searching the list of filters in the table, a possible solution would be to classify the filters, marked by default, and adopt the tagged by the admin, not having to use those of the user and not having to list the filter all.
Can you please explain that again, I'm not quite following.
I imagine the system should read the custom filter table and find the filter that is marked as default for that user.

my suggestion, if possible, was the system while reading this table, get the default filter checked by admin user and use it if you find

Otherwise, fetch the user-defined default filter (as it is today)

So if the admin user, set a filter as default, it would value all users by default.

As a refinement, a plus, it could have the global variable that defines this behavior, whether the default filter is defined by admin or by users (as it is today).

I think it's a change, simpler and easier to implement.
Another idea that occurred to me now that the global variables can be directed to the profile would be to create a variable that indicates which user will be used as a model ( default )

So we could define a user as a model for the filters and the dashboard and the others of the same profile would follow this pattern.

I do not know if the code is centralized, but if it is, instead of searching for the user number, search for this user marked as model ( default ).