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I have a strange situation

Only for one user, menu not show correct information.

How I can solve that?
Check the roles and permissions settings in the menu entries that do not appear.
For all another users, works

Only one, not show the same options
Each menu entry can have individual permissions set independent of the system permissions. The system permissions also are consulted when deciding to show or not an entry, so make sure this user doesn't have some restriction.
As usual, if you can reproduce in the online demo we will try to have a look, if not, we have ticket resolution and support services to look into your particular case.
Ok, I will try reproduce.

Only one question is possible reset all configuration, to default.

Remove all line in some table or like that? or using install table?

By the way, a button or option to for reset is a good practice too.

I will login in online demo with user testmcurrency

I choose sales profile, and remove a Support Menu.

When I loged with admin, admin not have a Support menu too ( ? )

Each user can modify Menu for all users? or each user only modify your own menu ?
You can reset the menu by eliminating the contents of the vtiger_evvtmenu table and inserting a new set of records. For example, dump the default table from a fresh install.

We implemented the "recover other menus" for someone a long time ago, I'll see if we can get that into the open source project. The problem is always the same, one thing is recovering one configuration, but then someone will ask to be able to save different configurations and load any one of them, so now, we have to save the layout also, and on and on....

The menu is one for all, anyone with rights to edit it can modify the menu for all users.
Yes, I agree, you always have a request for change.

But, I always think that the system should be good practices.

A reset button as standard (style back to factory default) is enough and makes the system professional.

Other functionalities may be aggregates, but they are not necessary.

I think.
we try... a lot
I solved this removed all lines directly in table evvmenu, and re-insert with a evvmenu from fresh install

For me, this Menu Editor like as today, not is user friendlily, and I have a difficult to use this way.

I will only removed a entries with to module disabled, because system still show this entries same when module disabled.
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