Full Version: Problem with git pull
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Recently I have note some problem, with "git pull command"

Not is updated correctly and all installations.

For example, I have one server, for demo, and try maintain all time, already up to date.

But some error, solved in past, not working in there.

See image dashboard. This problem reported and was solve in past.

Git use a server clock, and sensitive a timezone, for example?
That is rather strange. In truth I would think more that we haven't fixed the issue than that git is working incorrectly.

Can you point me to the thread where we fixed the issue so I can check.

An idea would be to launch a "git clone" in another directory and compare that code to the one in your test directory, or copy the file into the new clone and change the root_directory to see if the same occurs with the latest download.

Let me know how it goes.