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I wish when open a ticket for example, selected only accounts type = Client

I will explain my scenario :

In my business, when user open a new ticket, only make sense listed "Account type = client" to select in Relation to.

I suggest, created a GlobalVariable or a possibility use a Business Map, for setting a condition for this type of result.

I think is a great feature for coreBOS.

What you think about it?
Hi rslemer,

You mean limit the selection of the reated to field ?
Yes, restricted selection.

The better solution, in my head, that windows will should be setting for use a filter.

Imagine that, I could setting a specific filter for each window in related to ..
That's great. Rslemer let me know if you need help with the code. I'd like to play around with this for my own education so helping you with a true use-case would be no problem.
(04-07-2018, 05:58 PM)joebordes Wrote: [ -> ]

I look that, but i don't know if i understood  .. this changes will apply directly in code ( hard coded )?
Take a look here: to see an example. You need to overwrite the javascript that opens the window with your own. Then the query string in the URL of the popup window needs to have the information you want to filter on.
Anybody could be a posted a example, how I can set in tickets, for relation window, list only account type = 'client' and status = 'Available" ?