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[solved] php 7.2.6 - rslemer - 05-24-2018

I updated my server for php 7.2.6 ( last version - centOS 6.9  ), system shows a error message.

Only homologated until php 7.2.0.

I changed test manually and will test my system.

There any news about problem with this version? or incompatibilities?


Downgrade to php 7.1

RE: php 7.2.6 - joebordes - 05-24-2018

PHP 7.2 is not supported yet. Not because of coreBOS itself which has been updated but because of some of our third-party libraries which have not been updated yet. I have it in sight and will update as the libraries release their version.

Exactly we are waiting on: phpexcel, simplepie, tcpdf, gcal, googlesync, phpmailer. smarty, Request2 and log4php

RE: [solved] php 7.2.6 - rslemer - 05-25-2018

I downgrade to Downgrade to php 7.1